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Nicola Hadfield

Always steering clear of the ‘another brick in the wall’ approach resulted in Nicola being regarded as one of the leading voices on all things design. Testimony to this philosophy was evident in 1994, when she single-handedly pioneered the African continent’s first premier international Interior Design Exhibition, Decorex SA in 1994, amidst prolific market uncertainty, to significant success.

Today, Nicola is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, including being the South African recipient of the prestigious 2003 US Star Groups’ Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World award, among others. She is a published author of two best-selling books, South African Beautiful Homes and South African Beautiful Outdoors and has anchored the Home Channel’s hugely popular TV show, Design Inspiration. Currently, Nicola is an internationally sought-after décor trend commentator, entrepreneurial and motivational speaker as well as a design consultant on key blue-chip creative projects, both locally and abroad.

Her latest groundbreaking creation, A Beautiful Day™, showcases luxury lifestyle brands in a creatively-inspired space. It is a perfect reflection of how she has successfully combined her seasoned acute business acumen with her signature flair for style and originality.

Nicola has always been a dedicated philanthropist at heart and her special focus is on our underprivileged children and the youth. Over the years, she has made substantial donations to help make a difference in their lives, ensuring they too can enjoy many more beautiful days to come.

Please visit www.nicolahadfield.co.za for more information.