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about the event

About the event

Introducing Africa’s inaugural Premier Luxury Lifestyle Exhibition

Through intense research, and with an expert team, multi-award-winning entrepreneur and Decorex founder, Nicola Hadfield has used her incomparable knowledge of this environment to take the expo arena into a brand new and exciting dimension with the launch of her new, first-of-its-kind creation, A Beautiful Day™.

Aimed primarily at the discerning upper LSM market, it’s set to totally refresh and revitalize the exhibition environment. As South Africa’s one and only premier luxury lifestyle exhibition, A Beautiful Day™ will display top-tier offerings from hand-picked brand exhibitors, selected on style, originality, quality and authenticity.

Exhibitions are a medium which satisfy all the senses, yet A Beautiful Day™ breaks new ground by avoiding the often suffocating corridor approach. Using seven separately themed yet complementary luxury lifestyle exhibitor pavilions, A Beautiful Day™ offers visitors a freer journey of discovery and escapism in a stimulating and sensory-enhancing surrounding.

From its purpose-designed, free flowing and seamless floor-plan, its creative use of space, visual, sound and light in an ambient setting, to its architecturally-inspired layout, A Beautiful Day™ has been meticulously crafted to leave a lasting legacy as the country’s premier luxury lifestyle showcase. This makes it ideal for exhibitors and sponsors alike to amplify their brand presence and for visitors to explore, engage and interact with brands in a relaxing, non-retail-driven atmosphere.

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about the event